Learn Pashto Language through English

Dear audiences of Rohi News Learn Language Program. Alongside with English by English classes, in this Learn Language Program we teach Pashto in English. We mean by this that will have online classes in which Pashto langue will be taught with English explanations.

Our specie audiences in this program are three categories people: 
1- Those foreigners who are keen to learn Pashto language; 

2- Afghans whose mother tongue is not Pashto but they are enthusiastic to learn Pashto language; 

3- And those Afghan children whose mother tongue is Pashto; they have burn and grown up in abroad and unfortunately they have lost the ability to talk and communicate in Pashto.

What exactly we do in this program? 
1- Teach Pashto Grammar; 
For example: زه (Zah), is a subject pronoun in Pashto equal to (I) in English. زه (Zah), is used for singular first person or for the speaker. 

2- Teach Pashto vocabulary with English meaning and transliteration. 
For example: کور،  Koor, home; پلار, Plaar, father. 

3- Some other basic and important points about Pashto language, such the five types of the letter (ی Yea). 

Hereby, I hope that you will like our program and for best performing, I hope you are going to share your recommendations, feedbacks and suggestions about this regard.  


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