Save the Afghans from more divisions

Save the Afghans from more divisions

Most the Afghans are  studying   with  caution the US President Barack Obama’s  recent  interview aired Sunday 19th March 09 on CBS television,  where  he said “Washington must have an "exit strategy" in Afghanistan even as it expands its military, diplomatic and economic fight against a Taliban insurgency.” However, the Afghan  intellectual community  is very much worried about the  creation of a  NEW, most controversial,  post  of the Prime minister, They are  of the  opinion that, instead  the existing presidential system should be reformed.
As a matter of fact, the Afghan society  has   already  been divided  ,  ethnically , linguistically, religiously and ideologically    by  the  previous occupation forces  of ex-Soviet Union(Dec.1979 – Feb.1990)  and  now by the existing  occupation forces of  US + NATO.
Actually this was the very condemnable and failed  Bonn agreement of 2002, where the fate of  the Afghan nation was given  to  a junta  of the war  criminals and drug Mafia. These elements  are still active in  the sensitive posts of  Mr. Karzai’s government and working  as  Mafia of drug dealers with the help of internal and  international smugglers.
One of the fruits of  the Bonn agreement  the Afghans  have been achieved was the division of the  presidential office  of the  country among  the  ethnic  groups.  Instead  giving  these posts to  the  most eligible and   technocrat  people  of the Afghan society, it were divide among the ethnic groups  and were given to  Pashtoon    as president , and Tajek  and  Hazara  as first and second deputy  respectively. This  combination has been proved  as a failed experience. For  the  last  seven years, it  is  unique  in the  history  of the mankind to  say ,  this  junta  of the presidential  deputies  have worked as  the opposition  leaders to the  government and to  the president itself. The international  media  and most of the international  observers are of  the opinion  that , those whom are working  in the present setup are totally  corrupted  and    involved   in a kind of  the criminal  activities.
Now, if  the Obama’s  administration wants  to create a  new  post of the Prime minister  and put  someone  as prime minister from one  of the ethnicities or from the existing  people of  the corrupt regime, that would  be more problematic and will help the insurgency  to spill over in  all the provinces.
The US and its  allies  in Afghanistan  should think  about , who to make the existing institutions strong . They  also  should  think  about  the  peace strategy.  Instead of   creating post  for rivalries  among  the  two high ups (I.e., president and prime minister) and  dividing the Afghan society , they should start   negotiations with  the opposition parties already  fighting for their  own  goals.
The Afghan nation  is  in dire need for  the peace and security , and  this goal  cannot be  achieved by the  strategies  the  US  wants  to  work on.  If they  decided to  implement their own views ,then that   will be another  mistake the  US  and  allies are going   to commit  in  the  Afghan  strategy.
The recent  statement  of  President Obama of  "exit strategy"  well be very helpful  if  the administration  start  negotiations  with  the  rivals(I.e., the Taliban under  Mullah  Mohammad Umar   and  Hezbe Islami  under  the ex-prime minister  Eng. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar) . The division of these groups under  the title of moderates and…  will not  be  workable. Because   those  who have vowed  to fight against the international  forces, are  the real people with whom  the  administration have  to  talk and  not under any  other name else i.e. moderates .
 The  proposals  published by these groups are very much the same where they say:    
1-"Withdrawal of foreign forces and definite timetable for their withdrawal.  Withdrawal is to begin with the relocation of foreign troops into their bases
Second step would be the initiation of the complete withdrawal of foreign troops including their secret and police services, mercenaries, and counsellors.
2-At the same time a provisional Afghan government is to be set up
without interference from foreign countries. It is to consist of personalities of proven integrity acceptable to all Afghans.
3-Even before elections there must take place an internal Afghan reconciliation. Internal Afghan reconciliation is very important for the reestablishment of unity and trust.
4-The provisional government will create a commission charged 
with the preparation of general, free and secret elections. Such elections can take place after the withdrawal of foreign troops only, because free elections are not possible in the presence of foreign guns, tanks, and bombers. Nor in any direct or indirect foreign interference permissible, be it financially or via media.
5-These elections will result in a government accepted be the entire Afghan people and without need of foreign military protection.
6-As Afghan we are convinced that we can ourselves guarantee our security. If others are worried in this respect, we are ready to accept security forces from member countries of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), except forces from neighbouring countries.
Afghanistan is not in need of foreign soldiers, mercenaries, and secret services. Rather Afghanistan needs physicians and hospitals, teachers and schools, professors and universities, engineers, tractors and building equipment. Prerequisites for a free and just Afghan society are first of all: Bread, water, health, education, and housing.
Necessary steps for creating confidence between the negotiators:
1-Military de-escalation and humanization of the conflict.
2-Release of prisoners.
3-Afghans assurance  that they will endanger  neither their neighbours  nor  the  world at  large.
4- assurances by our negotiations partners that they  will not  interfere  in internal  affairs of Afghanistan.
A peaceful , sovereign and independent Afghanistan will maintain political  , economic  and  cultural  relations  with all states  of  the international community , relation  characterized  by  friendship , mutual respect   and esteem. "
The upper mentioned  proposals are discussable and we are sure that if the US administration  continued  its  dialogue which, according to  some circles, has  already began will give positive results.
With  hope for Peace  and  security to our  homeland and to the rest of the world.
 The writer is:
Chief of Peace and Reconciliation council.
Ex-.spokesman For Afghan Prime Minister,
Ex Acting Minister for Cultural Ministry,
Ex spokesman for Hezbe- Islami (political organization),
Ex Chief of Afghan News Agency (for both electronic and print media).


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